Workcube Catalyst – ERP, CRM, HR, Project Management, B2B, B2C and more…

Holistic Enterprise Management Software for Businesses Prepared for Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

At this day and age, spending money on an ERP software that is not fully webbased, open source, away from open standards and lacking a passionate community means a waste time and resources for an organization.

Workcube Catalyst has been 100% web-based since the first day. It is an open source platform developed to industry standards. Workcube Catalyst relieves you from being dependent on a single infrastructure or device. It offers a wide range of options on both the server and the client side in the operating system, database, and application servers.

Workcube Catalyst All in One provides industry standard solutions with rich functionality and expandability. A platform-free software which can run on all types of device including mobile, tablet, desktop, and kiosk. Employees, business partners, and customers can manage the business, communicate and collaborate 24/7 with an easy-to-use interface.

Workcube Catalyst is a business application that provides solutions to complex business problems. ERP, CRM, HR, and other standalone solutions are way stations while reaching to Workcube Catalyst. Workcube Catalyst approaches the business with a holistic view. It provides a platform that digitizes an enterprise as a whole.